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theoretical basics + praсtical work demonstration, with lots of tips & tricks.

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In this practice-oriented complete course you will acquire extensive theoretical knowledge as well as the correct handling of the revolutionary PigmentOff-Remover 2.0, the highly effective liquid for removing Permanent Make-up, microblading and tattoo pigments without a laser.

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From the content:

  • Existing methods of tattoo & PMU removal.
  • Structure of the skin. Skin layers.
  • Disposition and behavior of pigments in the skin.
  • Types of scars. Scar formation 

  • How does laser remove the pigments?
  • Problems associated with laser tattoo removal.
  • How does PigmentOff 2.0 remover work?
  • Composition of PigmentOff-Remover 2.0. NO acids!

  • Needle types. Choosing the right needle.
  • Practical PigmentOff 2.0 removal technique.
  • Eye area: removal around the eyes.
  • Precautions. How to avoid mistakes?
  • Movements and device settings.
  • Table preparation and treatment procedure.

  • Removal of permanent make-up on eyebrows.
  • Removal of a tattoo on the lower back.
  • Removal of upper and lower eyeliners and eyeshadows.
  • Bonus video 1: Removal of PMU eyeshadow, with comments in German.
    Bonus video 2: Removal of a tattoo on the upper arm, without comments.

  • At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion
    as well as a discount voucher for products from our
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Help your clients to find their beauty again!

Unfortunately, there are a large number of people in the permanent make-up industry, who lend a hand to their clients without being properly trained or having the necessary talent. This often has fatal consequences, especially when working on the face.

It can be said without exaggeration that some customers are so disfigured, that they even develop depression or have suicidal intentions. Countless court cases are just official evidence for this situation. You too have probably seen a lot of such cases in your studio.

Isn't it fantastic when I can tell you that you can finally help those clients who are unhappy with the results of their permanent make-up, microblading or tattoo?

The whole thing, of course, without any aggressive acids that etch and burn the skin. And without a laser, wich can leave scars and destroys the pigments in the skin, so that they can no longer be seen, but are still there, in the derma and lymph nodes...

Our exclusive PigmentOff® Remover 2.0 (now with the 2nd treatment phase Neutralizer) offers the most modern knowledge in the removal application, combined with the perfect technology according to the latest scientific standards.

If you are interested in performing treatments that not only really help customers, but also represent an attractive range of services for you, then I highly recommend to attend my online video courses on this subject.

In order to work professionally with the PigmentOff® Remover 2.0, you will learn the techniques you need from me and receive valuable tips about the entire treatment, from preparation to aftercare and dealing with customers.

We are also there for you after the seminar, just as we are for our live course participants. Our support is also “online”, in the special Facebook group for PigmentOff professionals.

Make your new knowledge to a business success for you and to "first-aid station" for your customers!

Sincerely yours
Maria Prieb
BeautyCase Cosmetics GmbH

What you can expect in the course:

Expert knowledge

28 detailed lessons with extensive basic knowledge and practical work, as well as many tips & tricks from the PMU expert Maria Prieb

Manufacturer information

concentrated knowledge
directly from developer and manufacturer. Learn without detours and benefit from direct contact with the producer!

Discount on products

After completing the course,
you will receive
a 20% discount voucher
for your first purchase in our


At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of completion, which distinguishes you as a qualified
PigmentOff® practitioner

Maria Prieb

About the trainer / author:

The successful PMU trainer and expert Maria Prieb, first studied law and graphic design in Cologne and ran an advertising agency for 10 years.
From her own bad experience with permanent make-up, her great desire arose in 2011 to revolutionize the industry and finally develop a suitable PMU removal method.

To do this, it was necessary to familiarize herself with this profession from scratch. Ms. Prieb has completed more than 65 basic training courses on the subject of skin, PMU, and tattoo in recent years, accompanied by intensive practical work in her own cosmetic institute.

Today, her company BeautyCase Cosmetics GmbH is entirely dedicated to the development of new products and the high-quality training of specialists for Permanent Make-up and PMU or tattoo removal.

As a sworn legal expert for permanent make-up, Ms. Prieb learns every day, what suffering can be caused by bad trainings and treatments. Therefore, it is so important for her to teach high class expertise and knowledge.

Ms. Prieb now passes on the experience from her several hundred live training courses worldwide in 3 languages ​​to all those who attend her courses online.

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Some content from the PigmentOff course:

PigmentOff Remover Wirkung

How the
PigmentOff-Remover 2.0 works

Tattoopigmente in der Haut

Behavior of pigments
in the skin

Tattooentfernung mit Laser

How is tattoo removal
done with laser?

Probleme der Laserentfernung

Problems with laser pigment removal

Technik der Tattooentfernung mit PigmentOff

PigmentOff removal technique explained in detail

Nadelwahl PigmentOff

Choosing the right needles. Needle types.

Student testimonials

Read what some of the participants have said about our training so far:

I did the first PigmentOff training almost 2 years ago.

Since a lot has changed during this time and the new PigmentOff Remover 2.0 is now on the market, I really wanted to learn the new working technique.

Of course, I found it great that now you can do it from home, and at a great price! I'm thrilled, thank you!

Heike Seitzer, Tuttlingen

Since I have already worked with many removers, including those based on oxide, I was familiar with the basic application.
However, it was important to me to learn the correct procedure directly from PigmentOff developers. And I wasn't disappointed! Since I have been using the new working techniques, I can remove much more effectively and healing is much faster.

Katharina Wozniak, Cologne

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